Microsoft™ Office HELP

With over 10 years of small to large enterprise Microsoft™ Office customisation experience, we will do the following for you:

Automate Microsoft™ Office - Eliminate time wasting and inconsistent updates.

We can set up Microsoft™ Word (for example) to open standardised templates and save them with a standard naming convention. The benefits are a standard look and feel, reduction in training time, and quicker document retrieval. The point here is that you can your processes more efficient.

Add extra functionality to your customised Microsoft™ Office applications.

We can build a custom functions for you in Microsoft™ Excel or had a new functionality to your current Microsoft™ Access database. The benefit is that you don't have to throw out your current application. We make your application more powerful.

Fix or improve your current customised Microsoft™ Office application.

We can fix the code in your current customised Microsoft™ Office application especially if the original author is no longer around. In some cases, the application needs to rebuilt. See the next point.

Build a new Microsoft™ Office application

We find that non IT people tend to build a Microsoft™ Access database or Microsoft™ Excel spreadsheets for a specific purpose. That's fine but more often than not the application (especially with databases) does not grow with the business. In this scenario, we work with you to build the Microsoft™ Office application you need.

Help you complete your project

Whether you a student or a busy executive we will help you build the Microsoft™ Excel spreadsheet or Microsoft™ Access database you need.


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Who have we done work for?
  • Westpac
  • Railcorp
  • CSR Australia
  • Manchester Unity
  • AMP Australia Ltd
  • Integral Energy
  • Blake Dawson
  • GIO Ltd
  • TDK Australia
  • Lumley Insurance
  • TorchDigital
  • ShowGroup
  • IGEN
  • Nautilis Investigations
  • Armstrong Wily
  • Sprout Media